Learning Tree Christian Academy, a MAIS candidate school, offers K-3, K-4, and K-5 Kindergarten Classes, full-time and year-round services.

We offer extended-day (6:30 AM - 5:30 PM), school-day (6:30 AM - 3:30 PM), early day (6:30 AM - 2:00 PM), and NEW half-day (8:00 AM - 12:00 PM) programs.

At Learning Tree, we offer a quality K-5 (Kindergarten) program for children (must be 5 on or before September 1, 2021). We use Abeka curriculum and teach from a traditional Christian worldview. We have a certified teacher leading this program. We also use quality literature, hands-on learning centers including STEM and technology, music, and art. In addition, our program features wildlife visits from Freedom Ranch Outreach Education and health and fitness opportunities with Stretch-n-Grow of Hattiesburg/Laurel. This is a private Christian school program, and additional information including attendance requirements can be found in our handbook. 

For our K-4 students (must be 4 on or before September 1, 2021) in our Prekindergarten program, we have teachers who have completed early childhood training with MAIS. We use Abeka curriculum and all of the above features listed in our K-5 program, on a kindergarten readiness level. We keep up with our state's curriculum plan for kindergarten and make sure our program offers learning activities that will better prepare them for kindergarten. We will keep a record of each child's progress and will offer to meet with parents to review their child's accomplishments regularly.

For our K-3 students (must be 3 on or before September 1, 2021), we also have teachers who have completed early childhood training with MAIS. We use K-3 Abeka curriculum, fun learning centers, music, and art. Our K-3 students also enjoy visits from Freedom Ranch and Stretch-n-Grow. 

Although daily activities will vary somewhat from time to time, each classroom does follow a planned schedule. Activities include center time educational fun, large group circle time, Abeka school-work time and STEAM lab featuring music, art, tech lab, science and robotics, and fitness.

For all our Learning Tree Christian Academy classes, we combine teacher-led and child-directed learning experiences. During large group time, each teacher welcomes the children, introduces our topics of learning for the day, and teaches activities that can be presented well in a large group setting. The teacher then utilizes small group opportunities to provide one-on-one instruction, increasing opportunities to provide differentiated instruction and help each child learn concepts. The teacher uses Abeka curriculum to present other learning activities such as recognizing and writing letters, learning the short and long vowel sounds, helping the students begin to read, forming numbers and counting objects, and learning colors and basic shapes. Our K-4 and K-5 children learn to read and master age-appropriate concepts. The students also learn through self-directed, student-led play. They enjoy centers within the room such as the reading corner and the math and science manipulatives section. They also develop hand-eye-coordination and thinking skills through puzzles and table games. Children especially like using their imagination and learning construction skills with the selection of building blocks and other STEM items.

The outdoor playground provides the opportunity for children to exercise, play, learn, and enjoy games. For our younger children, the equipment includes foot-powered cars for motor skills. Balls, parachutes, jump ropes, etc. are available for active play. Children will also enjoy playhouses, as well as outdoor chalk centers for creative play and development of hand-eye coordination skills.

Learning Tree offers a healthy breakfast snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, and late-afternoon snack each day. We serve the meals around the table family-style. The center follows the state department of health’s guidelines in preparing the menu, and the menu is available for parents to view at all times. It is the parent’s responsibility to make the center aware of any allergies that will affect the meals a child can eat.

During afternoon rest period, the children nap or quietly read a book or play with a puzzle.

For more information, please use our contact us section or visit us at Learning Tree.




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